Interior Bas Relief

Interior architectural bas relief is as versatile and varied as the materials it is constructed from. Interior architectural bas relief can be used to enhance walls, ceilings, domes, columns, water fountains, friezes, and other indoor architectural enhancements. The size of the architectural bas relief piece that will be best is dictated by whether the bas relief is serving as a subtle accent or a focal point. Architectural bas relief can be a tiny triangle that protrudes from a wall, or it can be an involved scene that fills all four walls of a foyer.

Interior Architectural Bas Relief Materials

Depending on the size of the architectural bas relief you want in your restaurant, home, casino, government building, or church, all of our reinforced bas relief materials are suitable for indoor use.

GFRG bas relief

  • Suitable for any interior area that is not exposed to moisture. GFRG can be finished with practically any type and color of paint.

GFRP bas belief

  • This architectural bas relief material is extremely lightweight, making it suitable for even very large projects.
  • Choose from a variety of textures and colors.
  • GFRP bas relief can be made to resemble a number of materials, including gold.

GFRS bas relief

  • Enjoy the look and texture of cut stone at a fraction of the cost.
  • Great for classical architectural bas relief.

GFRC bas relief

  • Suitable for small interior bas relief projects.
  • Lighter than concrete.
  • Can be molded into any shape and finished with almost every type and color of paint.

Interior Reinforced Bas Relief Considerations

For very large indoor architectural bas relief pieces that will be suspended from walls and ceilings, the weight of the piece is an important consideration. A piece that is too heavy can put excessive strain on the surrounding structure, which can weaken the materials and make them more susceptible to wear and damage. These potential complications, however, can be solved by choosing GFRP bas relief and GFRG bas relief over heavier materials like GFRC bas relief.

When choosing an architectural bas relief design, it's important to consider how the piece will work with the overall theme and color scheme of the room. For example, if the room has an ultra-modern feel, a brightly-painted GFRG bas relief featuring geometric shapes and wavy lines would probably work well. On the other hand, this same piece would likely look totally out of place in a bathroom featuring Roman-inspired art.

Architectural bas relief is an easy and effective way to complement the theme of a room. A small GFRS bas relief featuring a profile of an Egyptian Pharaoh would be the perfect finishing touch in a luxurious, Egyptian-themed bedroom, while a classical bas relief would finish off a Roman or Greek-inspired area exquisitely.

Stromberg has hundreds of architectural bas relief designs to choose from, so you'll likely be able to find one that matches what you had in mind. If not, we also offer custom bas relief, and there are few requests we can't accommodate. So, if you're considering incorporating architectural bas relief into your interior design, don't go to a local bas relief manufacturer who may only offer a few basic choices. Call Stromberg instead.