Modern Bas Relief

Compared to the limited number of subjects and scenes typically found in classical architectural bas relief, modern bas relief is quite diverse. The term modern architectural bas relief refers both to bas relief featuring non-classical subjects and to the fact that modern bas relief pieces were constructed more recently than classical ones.

The wide range of subjects that tend to appear in modern architectural bas relief is one characteristic that distinguishes it from classical bas relief. While the latter frequently features humans and gods hard at work worshipping and fighting, modern architectural bas relief can focus on practically anything: lions, trees, dolphins, the Sun, or even abstract designs incorporating free-flowing lines and repeating geometric shapes.

Many classical architectural bas relief pieces feature entire scenes, but this is not always the case with modern architectural bas relief. While a modern custom bas relief could feature an entire forest or underwater scene, it's also common for modern architectural bas relief to feature just one object, like a seashell or a lion's head.

The architectural bas relief that is being constructed today is also quite different in terms of how it is made and the types of materials that are used. Companies like Stromberg build architectural bas relief pieces using molds, meaning they can be completed comparatively quickly. Architectural bas relief pieces can be duplicated perfectly thanks to this technique. Stromberg has also developed innovative architectural bas relief materials. GFRP bas relief and GFRC bas relief, for example, are lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion, even with frequent exposure to salt water and acid rain. GFRP bas relief can replicate the look of many materials, including bronze and gold. Since GFRP bas relief is available at a fraction of the cost of these metals, owning a piece of modern architectural bas relief is now a possibility for a larger number of people now than it was in the past.