Architectural Bas Relief for Government Applications

Bas Relief Panels at the Pentagon, Washington DC

Not surprisingly, architectural bas relief appearing on government buildings often depicts important historical events. It is a way for the country to praise and remember those who truly made a difference, whether they are political leaders, important social activists, or the men and women of our armed forces. One of the most breathtaking examples of architectural bas relief can be found at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. An incredible 24 architectural bas relief panels, sculpted entirely in bronze, adorn this site. They depict scenes from the Second World War, and these panels will forever remind people of the important sacrifices made during those years. Stromberg has also done its part to commemorate and honor our nation's troops. Our GFRG bas relief soldier wall was custom designed and constructed for the U.S. government. It is housed in the interior of The Pentagon in Washington. As a company who has previously completed work on The White House, we were pleased to once again have the prestigious privilege of working on some of the most notable buildings in the nation.