Bas Relief for Hospitality Projects

In the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world, architectural design is far from an afterthought; it's one of the key reasons why people choose to visit one resort over another. Along with domes, elegant statues, and fountains, architectural bas relief is incorporated into the design of many hospitality locations. Stromberg has completed several architectural bas relief projects for one of the most recognizable resorts in the world: the Atlantis Resort. Our architectural bas relief featuring a simple design of overlapping geometric shapes can be seen on the exterior of the massive building, and the custom bas relief design on the doors of the resort featuring a beautifully-textured winged dragon and fish enrich the enchanting ocean theme of this paradise getaway. Stromberg can develop architectural bas relief that will complement any resort theme or building design, whether it's the ocean theme of the Atlantis Resort or the classical, Roman-inspired design of Caesar's Palace.