Historically Compatible Bas Relief for Restoration Projects

Some of the world's most beautiful examples of architectural bas relief were built many years ago. At that time, the fiberglass bas relief materials used by Stromberg didn't exist. Materials like wood and metal rot and corrode over time, and concrete can crack when exposed to the elements. When problems like this occur, even the most stunning works of art can turn into eyesores. Stromberg has worked on renovating and preserving many important works of architectural bas relief so they can be enjoyed by future generations. Using our innovative reinforced bas relief materials, we are able to achieve the look of traditional architectural bas relief materials like gold, marble, and bronze. The ability to perfectly match existing colors and materials allows us to make seamless repairs that preserve the original appearance of the architectural bas relief sculpture with lightweight, durable, and more cost effective materials. Contact us if you need bas relief repairs or restoration - you'll be absolutely amazed by the results.