GRG Column Covers and Column Wraps

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum column covers

Stromberg GRG column covers are easy to design, install and finish.

Stromberg column covers are available in virtually any size, texture or style.
Fast installation using joint compound or drywall adhesive with drywall screws.
Paint or finish similar to gypsum board. The smooth, quality surface provides a smooth base for paint or other finish.


  • Shapes include Round, Square, Oval, and Race-Track
  • Material: High quality alpha gypsum reinforced with glass fiber and polymers
  • Various sizes: 4" to 120" diameter at any height
  • Typically field finished, column covers can also be pre-finished
  • Tape and bed joints (monolithic appearance), caulked joints or vertical open reveals or butt joints.
  • Column covers can be any height. For ease of handling sections are typically 8' for a single section with the sections stacking for additional height.
  • Entasis and tapered columns are available
  • Pilasters, half rounds, partial circumferences and wall intersections are available
  • Custom capitals and bases are available

Stromberg GRG column covers are available in a range of sizes or are custom made to your design. Sections are typically 8' to 12' in length with a recess at each end for tape and bed (similar to gypsum board tape and bed).


Versatile for use in airports, hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, schools and transit areas

GRG Column Cover Installation

Non combustible and lightweight GRG column covers are typically installed with screws and adhesive. After attachment, the joints between the sections are taped and floated together to create a monolithic, seamless appearance. The column covers are then ready for paint or other finish options. Installation details are provided with the shop drawings.

General Guidelines for GRG Column Cover Installation

  • GRG should be stored in an enclosed area and protected from weather.
  • Fasteners are standard self tapping or self drilling drywall screws and drywall type adhesive such as PL 100
  • Joints in GRG column covers are finished similar to gypsum board in according to ASTM C-475 guidelines. Fiberglass tape is recommended.
  • Column covers are typically made to length, but if cutting is required, a dry diamond saw blade or a fine toothed carbide tipped metal blade is recommended. As with all gypsum, fiberglass or construction materials avoid breathing the dust. (See installation instructions).
  • When dry and dust free, prime and paint or finish the GRG column covers as desired.
  • As with any gypsum product, GRG column covers that are to receive a semi gloss or gloss finishes will require additional preparation of the surface.

Why specify Stromberg GRG Column Covers?

Stromberg GRG has been tested in independent laboratories to meet or exceed the strictest fire and building codes for non-combustibility, flame spread and strength.
No one offers faster turn around times.
For over 3 decades we have been providing solution to construction challenges
Client Satisfaction
Over 81% of our business is with repeat customers.

GFRG Specifications