Composite Columns - The Best of Both Worlds

Composite Columns can be considered the best of both worlds because they are a blend of two well-respected Greek orders of architectural columns. Combining aspects of both the Ionic column order and the Corinthian column order, you get Composite columns that are a thing of undeniable beauty.

Composite columns are an inspired creation of the late Roman period. These amazing architectural structures basically have richly decorated Corinthian capitals (tops of the columns) and large Ionic scrolls on each of the capital corners. These curly scrolls and volutes have echinus leaves alternating with oval shaped serrated leaves between them.

Stromberg columns of all styles have a quality and a beauty to them that have made them the preferred architectural choice for many 5 star hotels, private estates and luxury resorts worldwide. Rest assured that your classical columns would be created in a quality, architecturally correct manner. The fact that 80 percent of our business is repeat business speaks for itself.

Our client and commissions list includes individuals like Arnold Schwarznegger, Sylvester Stallone, and the Sultan of Brunei. Other clients include Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas, NV), MGM Grand Casino (Las Vegas, NV), Planet Hollywood (New York, NY; Cancun, Mexico; London, England), the US Embassy in Kuwait, Yale University, and The White House.

Quality Materials:

Stromberg's Architecture proudly offers the largest selections of quality materials in the industry to suit your needs. Simply contact us to discuss your plans and ideas.

A little over 50 years ago, a new material for creating columns was introduced. Known as fiberglass reinforced polymer, it represented advancement in the plastics industry. With a long history in the aviation industry, FRP has a reputation for being able to stand up to winds that reach up to thousands of miles per hour. Because it is also necessary that this material can stand up to extreme heat and cold, you can rest assured that your Composite columns are built to last.

In addition to the aviation industry, the marine industry also uses FRP for speedboats, yachts and military vessels. This means that this same material that Stromberg uses for it's architectural columns is the same material that has been proven to be water resistant, leak resistant, strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. Therefore, it can stand up to snow, salt water, hurricanes, or just about any force of nature.

So, with all of these qualities, the fact that fiberglass is moldable and lightweight is what makes it a great choice for creating columns. Stromberg Architecture actually led the development of manufacturing fiberglass columns over two decades ago. Our leadership in this arena cannot be surpassed. With Stromberg, you get quality, innovation, classical design, and experience.

GFRC Columns

GFRC, or, glass fiber reinforced concrete, contains Portland cement, fine aggregate and glass fibers along with polymers. Although other architectural companies may use GFRC, all GFRC is not made equal. You can feel secure knowing that Stromberg actually produces the finest GFRC in the world. Your Composite columns will exemplify quality and style.

GFRS Columns

GFRS (Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone) was actually invented here at Stromberg's, in the 1980's. It is very much like fiberglass in just about every respect, except that the surface of GFRS is made of stone aggregate and is bound together by polymers. Doing this gives your Composite column the look, feel, and character of carved stone, but at only a fraction of the weight. And just like FRP columns, your GFRS columns will stand up to the snow, freezing temperatures, hurricane force winds, salt water and even acid rain.

Stromberg is Different

One thing that you will quickly find out once you do business with Stromberg Architecture is that we do business in a very different way. From the material selection to the quality of our work, you will soon realize why so many notable individuals and businesses choose us to create their columns and other architectural designs.

By choosing Stromberg you will benefit from these features:

  • Plain or fluted column shafts
  • Column caps customized to your specification
  • Quality, detailed column caps
  • Completely customized columns made in any size, diameter or height
  • The highest production standards around
  • A great investment at factory direct prices
  • Cutting edge, leading technology
  • Any size project that you have can be accommodated
  • Wherever you are in the world, we can take care of your needs

All you need to do is contact us now with your project ideas and architectural needs so that we can help you achieve the look and design of your dreams.