Greek Corinthian Columns - A Beautiful Architectural Statement!

Greek Corinthian Columns at Custer United Methodist ChurchCorinthian columns are considered to be the most elaborate of all Greek column architecture. Greek Corinthian columns, also know as "Temple of the Winds" columns, are recognized by their stylized acanthus leaves, decorative volutes, slender shafts, and inverted bell shaped capitals.

These Greek columns can definitely make a dramatic statement about your residence or place of business.

Although Stromberg Architectural stays true to the beauty, art, and traditional Greek culture when creating your Greek Corinthian columns, we have a modern advantage when creating today's Corinthian columns because of the variety of materials that we are able to use in their construction. While the ancient Greeks were limited to constructing their Corinthian columns out of stone and wood only, we are able to provide you with beautiful Greek columns made of quality materials that are easier to install and require relatively low maintenance in comparison to the columns of ancient times.

A Wide Array of Materials to Enhance Your Surroundings

The fact that you are considering Corinthian columns to create a sophisticated and artistic look and feel, let's us know that you will want good, quality materials to achieve your ideal design. Our wide array of material choices just can't be beat! They are based on the principles of reliability and beauty, which is evident in our finished products.

For example, you may choose to have your Greek Corinthian columns made of Cast Stone. This would be a great choice if you like the look of limestone, sandstone, cantera, keystone, coral or marble. The cast stone that we use is made up of crushed, reconstructed stone and cement. It is reinforced to produce a strong, hollow column.

Or, you may want to consider our Fiberglass columns. You will find that the fiberglass columns that we make are both strong and lightweight. Also known as Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), this great quality material has been used for years in the boating and automobile industries because of its proven weather resistance and amazing durability.

Another perfect material choice for your interior architectural columns is Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. Also know as GFRG, this material allows for excellent detail, which is of utmost importance in Corinthian columns. GRG is also good because it is a less expensive, more lightweight, and non-combustible material.

Keep in mind that there are other choices that we offer for fiberglass columns. Your Greek Corinthian columns can also be created using a Stone Clad material. Stone clad is actually a composite material made up of fiberglass and stone, that actually gives you the look and feel of real cut stone. Stone clad columns also have the light-weight toughness of fiberglass reinforced resin.

Another great material that we use at Stromberg's is one that is known as Metal Clad. Metal clad is also a composite. Columns made of this material look great when they are sealed to retain their original luster.

Another beautiful choice is giving your metal clad Corinthian columns a patina to achieve an extremely attractive aged look. Stromberg's Architecture is able to achieve this look because the metal clad composite includes bronze, copper, and other metals blended with fiberglass and resins. The detail that metal clad provides is absolutely superior and it weighs less than more traditionally cast metals.

You Can't Go Wrong With Stromberg

Stromberg Architectural is a recognized leader in our industry. This benefits you in many ways. You get a quality product that represents the elegance and sophistication that you are trying to create. Your Greek Corinthian columns will be made to fit your needs, based on your own specifications.

For example, you are able to choose column shafts that are plain or fluted. You can also choose some of our beautiful fiberglass columns or one of the other materials described. And, you can also specify the size, diameter and height for your architectural columns that will best suit your needs.

With more material choices than anyone else in the industry, we stand by the beauty, quality, style and durability of our Corinthian columns. We are sure that you will agree.

In addition to all of this, by purchasing your architectural columns direct from us, the manufacturer, you will receive high quality at a great price.

Stromberg Can Fulfill Your Needs

Keep in mind that Stromberg columns and products can be found enhancing mansions, palaces, historical properties, government buildings, universities, five star hotels and resorts all around the world. Our service and quality speaks for itself, since over 80% of our business is repeat business.

It is no doubt that the sophistication of Greek Corinthian columns has stood the test of time. Allow Stromberg to make your Greek Corinthian columns in any size, diameter or height that you need. Simply contact us with your project ideas and specifications for a truly amazing architectural design.