Greek Doric Columns - Classical Greek Elegance

Simple, understated elegance. That would describe Greek Doric columns. The top of Doric columns, also known as the capital of architectural columns, has a circle that is topped off by a square shape. The shaft, or the long tall part of the Doric column, is understated with 20 sides. Another thing that makes Doric columns unique is the fact that they do not have a base.

One of the most famous, and the most studied examples of Doric columns on earth, is that of the Parthenon in Greece. With Stromberg Architecture, you too, can experience this highly acclaimed architectural column style. As we work together, as a team, you can specify the style, the materials, and the size of your columns. With our great service and proven track record, we will create an environment that has the quality and sophistication that you are looking for.Greek Doric columns at Portofino Shopping Center in Shendandoah, TX

Affordable Quality

Rest assured that with Stromberg Architecture, your Doric columns will be created for you by our highly skilled craftsmen. You will have the finest architectural columns because we believe in attention to quality, detail and affordability. We are able to give you high quality at a great price because purchasing from us is the same as buying direct from the manufacturer.

The World's Largest Selection of Materials

Stromberg Architecture has more material choices than anyone else in the industry. This works out to your advantage when you seek to create the environment that you want to achieve. Whatever material is the most suitable for your needs will be used to construct your Doric columns. We really stand by the beauty, quality, style and durability of our Doric columns. We have no doubts that you will agree.

Our materials include:

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) is a relatively new material concept. But, don't let its age fool you. GFRG, which is primarily composed of two raw materials (high density alpha-based gypsum and glass fiber reinforcement), delivers because it is flame resistant, easy to install, and gives you great style and finish selection. For example, GFRG can be cast in to virtually any shape, and it is available in white so that it is easily finished with just about any paint.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) is considered to be a staple material in the building industry. You can feel confident about using GFRP for both your interior and exterior architectural columns. Your Doric columns that are made of this material will be extremely strong, lightweight, environmentally resistant, and durable. Couple all of this with the fact that your columns will require incredibly low maintenance, and you will have a look that you will love.

The creation of Cast Stone is a very refined manufacturing process that results in a material that simulates natural cut stone extremely well. The use of Cast Stone is said to go back to at least the year 1138 for the Cite de Carcassonne, France. Some of the beautiful looks that you can achieve by using cast stone for your Doric columns include: limestone, sandstone, cantera, keystone, coral and marble. The other interesting thing about creating architectural columns with cast stone is that the strength of cast stone often surpasses the strength of the natural cut stone that it is made to simulate the look of. This is also true of the weather resistant qualities of cast stone, which surpass those of many types of natural cut stone.

Your Doric columns can also be created using a Stone Clad material. Stone clad is another choice that we offer for fiberglass columns. Your stone clad architectural columns are created using a composite material made up of fiberglass and stone. Stone clad columns also give you the look and feel of real cut stone. Architectural columns made of this material also have the lightweight toughness that fiberglass reinforced resin delivers.

Another great material option for your Doric columns is the Metal Clad choice. It is also a composite. You can request that we seal your Doric columns made of metal clad material so that they retain their original luster. Or, you may choose to have us give your Doric columns a nice patina to achieve a beautiful, realistic aged look. Metal clad composites include bronze, copper, and other metals blended with fiberglass and resins. It provides amazing detail while weighing substantially less than more traditionally cast metals.

We Can Meet Your Needs, Whatever they Are, Wherever You Are

Obviously, the Doric column is a historical architectural design feature that has proven to have a lasting impact. By choosing Stromberg Architecture to make your Doric columns in any size, diameter or height that you need, you can make a beautiful and artistic statement. Contact us as soon as possible with your project ideas and specifications for architectural design that is in a class by itself. Wherever you are in the world, we can accommodate your needs.