Cornice for Church and Ecclesiastical Projects and Applications

Some of the most architecturally-stunning buildings in the world are places of religious worship. Architectural cornice not only enhances the architectural design of these sacred locations, but also helps to protect these structures from the elements. Many churches that exist today still incorporate the classical structure known as the entablature. The frieze often features religious icons depicted in bas relief, a breathtaking feature, while the architectural cornice projects beyond the building, providing a definitive and pleasing crown to the building.

The materials used by Stromberg are durable and cost-effective, and are not susceptible to the problems associated with other materials, such as rotting, corrosion, and termite infestation. For all of these reasons, fiberglass cornice developed and installed by Stromberg is the perfect choice for religious organizations looking for long-lasting materials to enhance the beauty of their church. St. Anthony's Cathedral in Beaumont, Texas, is just one place of worship featuring our fiberglass reinforced cornice.