Architectural Cornice for Hospitality, Resort and Casino Projects

Resorts, restaurants, casinos, and hotels often use architectural cornice to enhance the visual appeal of their buildings, whether this design feature is installed inside the building or on its exterior. When placed on the exterior of a building, architectural cornice gives hospitality buildings variety, and provides a pleasing finishing touch. It can also provide a sense of balance, and serves a protective function by diverting rainwater away from the structure and preventing water infiltration. In a building's interior, architectural cornice can add drama to doors, windows, and ceilings. Stromberg's architectural cornice appears on some of the world's most notable restaurants, resorts, and hotels, including:

  • The Cheesecake Factory: GFRP cornice provides a tasteful finishing touch to this restaurant. Dentils and corbels make the GFRP cornice even more noticeable and appealing.
  • The Atlantis Resort: This world-renowned Bahamas resort features our GFRP cornice. Made to replicate the look and texture of stone, this architectural cornice installed by Stromberg has withstood numerous hurricanes without sustaining any damage.
  • Caesar's Hotel Tower
  • Arra Bella Resort
  • Ameristar Brew Pub