Architectural Cornice for Renovation and Restoration Building Projects

The architectural cornice found on historic buildings was installed before GFRC and GFRP cornices were available. As such, many develop numerous problems as time goes by. Concrete can swell and crack, wood can rot and become infested with termites, and metal can corrode and rust.

At Stromberg, one of our areas of expertise is renovation and restoration. We are a preferred company when people want to complete these types of projects for several reasons. First, our fiberglass reinforced cornices are much lighter than the material that was used to construct the original architectural cornice. This means that the installation of one of Stromberg's fiberglass reinforced cornices won't put extra stress and strain on aging structures. In fact, it will help reduce the amount of weight being placed on the building.

In addition, our architectural cornice can seamlessly blend in with existing materials. We can manufacture our fiberglass reinforced cornices to look like most types of wood, terra cotta, stone, or metal. This allows us to replace only the area that is rusted, rotting, or broken, while leaving as much of the original material as possible intact. The repairs and renovations will be virtually undetectable, allowing the building to retain all of its historic character and charm, which is something you really can't put a price on.