Coffering refers to the construction of ceilings or domes, where a web of crossed supports is overlaid to create a series of square, rectangular or octagonal recessed areas known as coffers. The most famous coffered dome is the Pantheon, in Rome. Coffers may be relatively plain, or they may be highly ornamented. The more obscure word for a coffer is a Lacunar. Stromberg produces coffered domes in fiberglass, GFRC and GRG (GFRG) . Need a custom dome? Give us a call and we will help you build your dream.


For coffered domes the material choices include:

  • GRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum or GFRG)
  • GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete or GRC)
  • Fiberglass (GFRP)
  • Translucent: KrystaClear or stained glass

Installation of coffered domes.

The method of installation for a coffered dome depends upon the material and the buildings construction. Coffered domes generally install by the same methods as other domes.