Onion domes, bulbous domes

An Onion Dome is a dome that resembles more than half of a sphere, exemplified by domes of some Orthodox Churches, Russian, Arabic and Northern Indian architecture.

This dome, for a private residence in California, is patterned after the Moghul style of the Taj Majal dome. Stunningly beautiful and exquisitely detailed, it shows what is possible in Stromberg FRP and GFRS domes.

Materials for onion domes

Prefabricated onion domes are available in various materials including:

About Onion Domes

Russian and Eastern European Domes

The Russian Orthodox Church and Eastern European architecture frequently features onion domes. In the Baroque architecture of Germany, they are known as Zwiebelt�rme.

Mughal Architecture Domes

Based on a fusion of Persian, Islamic and Indian architecture, the most famous example of the onion dome of the Mughal style are the domes of the Taj Mahal.

Islamic Domes

Onion shaped domes are frequently used for Mosques (Masjid) and on minarets. Stromberg fiberglass domes have been used on several Mosques, both in the US and internationally. The term Islamic architecture also includes Persian, Moorish, Turkish and other categories of architectural styles which include variations on the basic onion dome shape.


Onion domes may be supplied in a variety of finishes:

  • Smooth gel coat finish
  • Gold Leaf
  • Aged copper or bronze finish
  • Stone texture

Construction of the domes

Stromberg domes typically consist of pie shaped sections that bolt together with a concealed flange. There is usually an inner dome and an outer dome. This allows for insulation of the cavity between the inner and outer dome shells.

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