GFRC entryways

Concrete is an aesthetically-pleasing choice of material for architectural entryways, but it does have its share of limitations. It's quite heavy, so the size of architectural entryways may be limited. In addition, concrete structures exposed to large amounts of moisture are prone to cracking, which can result in costly repairs.

By choosing GFRC entryways instead, you can avoid these problems. Instead of heavy materials like steel, our GFRC entryways are reinforced with lightweight fiberglass - GFRC weighs only a fraction of pre-cast concrete. For this reason, it's usually possible to build and install a large and elaborate GFRC entryway without worrying about whether the surrounding structure will be able to support it. GFRC entryways will not crack like regular concrete, even when they are frequently exposed to acid rain, moisture, and salt water. These architectural entryways will provide years of virtually maintenance-free beauty.

GFRC entryways are available in a number of looks and designs. Through the use of molds, we can develop GFRC entryways that are virtually any shape and texture. Our GFRC entryways can replicate the look of popular materials like terra cotta and limestone - you can get all the beauty of these materials without the excessive weight and cost. All of our GFRC entryways are also available in a special finish that can be painted with almost any brand or color. Whether you want a gleaming white entryway or a subtle cornflower blue one, it's as easy as visiting your hardware store for a few cans of high quality paint.