GFRS entryways

Carved stone is a classic and timeless material that has been used to build many of the most well-known and impressive structures in the world. Architectural entryways made of carved stone are also visually stunning, but the fact that carved stone is so heavy makes this material costly to transport and difficult to install.

Stromberg's GFRS entryways offer the attractiveness of carved stone without the added weight. The surface is made of actual stone aggregate, so nobody will be able to notice any difference between GFRS and real carved stone just by looking. GFRS entryways are reinforced with lightweight fiberglass, so they weigh significantly less than solid stone structures. Even large GFRS entryways can be installed with ease, usually without any additional supports.

Despite their lower weight, GFRS entryways are every bit as strong and durable as their solid carved stone counterparts. They are weather resistant - rain, heat, snow, and even severe events like hurricanes will not usually be enough to damage GFRS entryways. If damage does occur, GFRS entryways are much easier to repair than carved stone. All of our GFRS entryways are available in a number of finishes, including distressed, buff, and white. Ask us how this material can give you the timeless beauty of cut stone without the added weight and excessive cost.