Exterior entryways

Whether architectural entryways lead into a breathtaking resort, a federal courthouse, or a two-story family home, they are a design feature that welcomes strangers, family, customers, and friends alike. To ensure that your architectural entryway will add to the beauty of your building and not detract from it, it's important to consider several factors.

Entryway Design

When it comes to architectural entryways, it's not enough to look for one that is visually appealing; you have to choose one that is going to work with the surrounding structure. Here are a few design elements to keep in mind:

Size: In general, the size of architectural entryways should be related to the size of the building. For instance, while a huge archway might look good in the catalog, it probably wouldn't work on a tiny Cape Cod home.

Color: Architectural entryways are available in virtually any color. However, you should keep in mind that the function of most entryways is to create a focal point to draw attention to the door or entrance point of a building. For this reason, white is a popular color for architectural entryways, particularly for homes. You could also choose complimentary colors for a more daring contrast. If you're interested in having a very subtle entryway, you could also choose a color that either matches or is a slightly different shade than the surrounding building.

Shape: Most buildings and homes that are described as pleasing to the eye have unity in their design. To achieve this, choose architectural entryways that are similar in shape to any other accents that appear on the exterior of the building. If it's a church with rectangular windows, for example, choose an architectural entryway that has a boxy or rectangular shape.

Architectural Entryway Materials

The right building materials can save you a lot of headaches both during the design and installation process and also down the road. Fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced entryways, for example, have a number of advantages compared to other materials. They're lightweight, strong, weather resistant, and long lasting. Unlike other materials, you won't have to make expensive repairs and replacements due to rotting, rusting, insect infestations, or the host of other problems commonly associated with many materials used for outdoor structures. Keep in mind while choosing a material that value and price aren't the same thing. You want a material that will last, and spending a little more upfront is often well worth it in the long run.

Choosing the Right Architectural Company

When choosing an architectural company, you want to look for one that uses great materials, has experience, and offers superior customer service. Stromberg is a company that will offer you all of this and more. All of their architectural entryways are constructed of fiberglass and fiberglass-reinforced materials, offering you great value for your money. Their projects can be found throughout the world, and they've worked with big name celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and world-renowned hospitality locations like the Atlantis Resort. Their customer service is second to none, and they are willing to work with clients to develop custom entryways based on their exact specifications. They're always happy to provide more information about their reinforced entryways or any of their other products over the phone or through email. You can contact them at 903-454-3642 or [email protected]