Renovation and Restoration Entryway Products

Blodgett Restoration Project

Architectural entryways have been included as an exterior design element in buildings for many years, so it's not surprising that many architectural entryways are now in need of repair or renovation. This is particularly true when you consider the types of materials that were typically used in the construction of architectural entryways in the past. As anyone who has used wood as a material for architectural entryways or other outdoor design features can tell you, it eventually rots and chips, even with frequent staining. Wood structures are also susceptible to being infested by termites and other pests. Many types of metals lose their lustre over time as they begin to corrode and rust, and even tough materials like concrete and cast stone can crack due to frequent water exposure. While architectural entryways with these types of problems could simply be torn down and replaced, there are numerous compelling reasons to repair or renovate them instead. First, repairing architectural entryways will generally be less expensive than completely replacing them. Second, and perhaps more importantly, many architectural entryways have great historic value, and for this reason alone every effort should be made to preserve them.

Stromberg is able to make seamless repairs to many types of architectural entryways, whether they lead into a church, government building, or private home. Because our materials can replicate the look of terra cotta, marble, copper, and other common building materials, we can ensure that any repairs we make to architectural entryways will blend in perfectly with the surrounding structure. In addition, since our materials are so lightweight, we can actually reduce the stress on the surrounding structure, instead of adding to it. At Stromberg, we recognize the importance of preserving historic architecture, but we also know that sometimes holding on to the past means using modern materials and innovations.