Glass Fiber Reinforced ConcreteGFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Finials

When nothing else but the look of real concrete will do, our GFRC finials are the perfect choice. Architectural features made of concrete can be quite stunning, but the heavy weight of concrete is a definite downside. Our GFRC finials are made with real concrete, not imitation materials, so you'll get exactly the look you want. The different is that we reinforce our GFRC finials with fiberglass instead of much heavier materials like steel. This reduces stress on the surrounding structure, and also opens up many more design possibilities. Very large architectural finials made of pre-cast concrete are at risk of cracking under their own weight, but that's not an issue with our GFRC finials.

Our innovative process allows us to produce GFRC finials through the use of molds. That means no slips of the hand, no careless errors, and no guesswork. Your completed GFRC finial will look exactly like the design in the catalogue. A number of striking finishes for our GFRC finials are available. We can replicate the look of limestone and terra cotta, and also offer various stone texture and acid-washed finishes. All of our GFRC finials are also available in a special finish that can be painted with virtually any brand or color.

In addition to being more lightweight than pre-cast concrete, choosing GFRC can also help you avoid many of the problems traditionally associated with concrete. GFRC finials will not swell, rot, or wear away like regular concrete, making this material virtually maintenance free. GFRC finials are also very strong and weather-resistant. Moisture in the form of salt water, snow, and even acid rain will not harm GFRC finials, so they're suitable for even the harshest of climates and conditions. GFRC is low maintenance, versatile, weather-resistant, lightweight, and available in a number of eye-catching finishes - there really is no good reason to choose pre-cast concrete instead.