Glass Fiber Reinforced StoneGFRS (Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone) Finials

The very first architectural finials, which appeared on the walls and towers of medieval castles, were made of stone. By today's standards, this wasn't the most practical choice of material. Carving stone was time consuming, and its heavy weight limited the size and shape of these early architectural finials.

Despite these shortcomings, stone continued to be a favored material over the following centuries. Even today, many people still prefer the natural texture and beauty of cut stone over synthetic and more lightweight materials. With Stromberg's GFRS finials, you can enjoy all of the classic beauty of this timeless material without the associated problems. First, our manufacturing process ensures you will get exactly the architectural finial you want. We've replaced the traditional stoneworker's tools like chisels and hammers with molds, allowing us to get precisely the texture and design we want each and every time.

Because they are reinforced with lightweight fiberglass, GFRS finials weigh just a fraction of those made from cut stone. This means there will be less stress on the surrounding structure, but it also means that more designs are possible. Because the weight of architectural finials is typically not a huge concern, you can go for that larger, more involved design without worrying about whether your roof or cupola will be able to support it.

Our GFRS finials are made with real stone aggregate, not synthetic materials, so no one will be able to tell the difference between our GFRS finials and those made from solid cut stone just by looking. Timeless beauty, endless design possibilities, and less stress on your building are just a few of the many reasons to consider our GFRS finials for your home, resort, or restaurant.