GFRC Fireplace MantelGFRC Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

While very few would argue that concrete is a visually-pleasing building material, it does have a few downsides, including its heavy weight and its tendency to swell and crack when exposed to significant amounts of moisture. If you're planning to purchase a mantle for your living room, master bedroom, or outdoor kitchen, GFRC is a great choice. Here's why:

GFRC Fireplace Surrounds are Safe and Durable:
Because GFRC is fire resistant, you can depend on a GFRC mantelpiece to keep your family safe. A GFRC mantel surround is also extremely durable. A mantle constructed of this material is able to withstand the heat of even a very large fire, and GFRC is also suitable for outdoor use. A GFRC chimneypiece will not rot, swell, or wear away when exposed to moisture, and the unique properties of this material also allow GFRC mantles to resist cracking.
GFRC Mantels are Available in a Number of Finishes:
When you choose a GFRC fireplace surround, you can get the look of authentic limestone and terra cotta at a price that is typically much lower than the real thing. GFRC mantles are also available in a finish that can be painted, so your mantelpiece will work well with any color scheme.
GFRC Mantel Shelves Offer a Huge Number of Design Possibilities:
Many mantles are still made using old-fashioned tools and techniques, but Stromberg has found a better way! All of our GFRC fireplace surrounds are made using molds. This allows us to form our GFRC mantles into virtually any shape imaginable, and it ensures our finished mantles are exactly what our customers were promised at the beginning of the process.