Fiberglass FountainsFiberglass Fountains

Fiberglass (reinforced polymer) is a material that lends itself exceedingly well to illumination. It gleams in the sun during the daytime, and dazzles during the night making for an enthralling fountain visual. For an even more magical waterscape, fiber optics are incorporated into the design of a fiber glass fountain, and the result is spectacularly beautiful.

Here are more reasons why fiberglass is the material of choice for so many fountain buyers:

  • Fiberglass is non corrosive
  • It can replicate the look of many other materials like stone, concrete and slate to perfection. In fact you'd have to touch the fountain to tell the difference!
  • It's lightweight
  • It's low on maintenance
  • It's economical compared to some other materials like high quality granite
  • It's durable