GFRS SculptureGFRS Sculpture

Developed by our very own Lyndon Stromberg, GFRS is an amazing material that is well-suited for crafting architectural sculptures. GFRS sculptures have the look and texture of quarried stone, but are superior to architectural sculptures made of this material in several ways.

GFRS sculptures are lighter: Crushed stone is what gives GFRS sculptures their look of authenticity, but it's fiberglass that gives them their lightweight properties. Fiberglass reinforced sculptures weigh a fraction of those made of quarried stone, allowing you to place them virtually anywhere you'd like without worrying about the added weight.

GFRS sculptures are more affordable: Fiberglass is a much more affordable material than quarried stone, and fiberglass is a major component of all our GFRS sculptures. Because of this, GFRS sculptures are typically much less expensive than those made from cut stone.

GFRS sculptures offer more design possibilities: The lightweight properties of GFRS and the fact that GFRS sculptures are made using molds allow us to offer a virtually limitless number of designs. Many shapes are not possible with quarried stone because parts of the sculpture could be in danger of cracking under their own weight. GFRS opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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