Marble SculptureMarble Sculpture

Some of the greatest sculptors throughout history, including Michelangelo, have used marble to bring their works to life. When sculptures involve human subjects, pure white marble is a preferred material. Marble has several advantages over other materials commonly used for sculpture. Marble is quite translucent, which gives it a depth and a resemblance to human flesh that is lacking in some other materials. Perhaps the greatest advantage of marble as a sculpture material, however, is its workability. It is softer than other stones when first quarried, so it is easier to form the basic shape of the sculpture. Because of its fine grain, it is also possible to add very intricate detailing to marble sculptures. The material does have its disadvantages as well, the major one being that it can be damaged by acid rain. If this is an issue in your area, it is best to keep your marble sculpture indoors. We can develop a sophisticated and timeless marble sculpture based on your exact specifications. Our experts know the best sculpting methods for marble. We know the intricacies of how to produce sculptures of human subjects, and we never rush our work. Your marble sculpture will be perfect down to every last detail.