Cobb CinemaGFRG Sculptures

GFRG is a unique material used by Stromberg to develop architectural sculptures. Quite different from traditional stone materials in that it is cast using molds instead of sculpted by hand, GFRG is a good choice of material in several situations:

You plan to keep your sculpture indoors: GFRG sculptures can be damaged by moisture. Therefore, they are suitable only for indoor use, and should be kept away from pools, saunas, and fountains.

You need a lightweight material: GFRG weighs only two to three pounds per square foot, making it lighter than plaster or stone. If you just plan to place your sculpture on the floor, this may not be a huge selling point. However, if your sculpture is quite large and you plan to place it on a pedestal, attach it to another structure, or place it inside a niche, a GFRG sculpture will probably be best.

Your sculpture has a complex shape or design: GFRG sculptures are made by pouring GFRG into a mold and letting it harden. This unique process allows GFRG sculptures to be molded into virtually any shape imaginable. Intricate textures and details can also be achieved.

You want to paint your sculpture: Request our special white finish, and you'll be able to finish your GFRG sculpture with almost any brand or color of paint.

Contact us today to find out more about GFRG and whether it's the best choice of material for your custom sculpture!