GFRP Sculpture

Fiberglass, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, has literally revolutionized the building industry since it was first developed in the 1930s. It is also a fantastic sculpture material, offering significant advantages over traditional materials like stone and bronze. Here's why you should consider a GFRP sculpture:

GFRP sculptures are strong and durable: If you plan to place your architectural sculpture outside, GFRP is a great choice of material. Stromberg's fiberglass reinforced products have stood up to extreme weather events - including category 5 hurricanes - without sustaining any damage. GFRP sculptures will not be damaged or corroded by acid rain, salt water, sunlight, or snow.

GFRP sculptures are versatile: GFRP is a material that can truly be used to make almost anything. GFRP sculptures are made by pouring the material into a precisely-crafted mold, so virtually any shape, texture, and size are possible.

GFRP sculptures are attractive and cost effective: GFRP is a fascinating material. In addition to being able to finish GFRP sculptures to match any color, we can also make fiberglass sculptures look exactly like bronze, gold, granite, and limestone. You get all the beauty of these materials at a fraction of the cost and without the associated problems. Suddenly, you no longer have to be a multi-millionaire to get that reproduction of The Thinker you've always wanted. Just bring us a photo, request the look of real bronze for your GFRP sculpture, and we'll do the rest.