The Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to produce what we now call classical sculptures, a style that is still popular today. These sculptures, many of which are still considered some of history's greatest masterpieces, differed from earlier works in several important ways. Classical sculptors were concerned with depicting the human form in a lifelike and realistic way. A major characteristic of classical works was contrapposto. Subjects were depicted as having most of their weight resting on one foot, which gave the figure a more relaxed and less awkward appearance. Classical sculpture also depicted humans in a greater number of lifelike and natural poses. Aphrodite de Milos and The Marathon Youth are classical Greek sculptures that are still admired by countless people today. During the Italian Renaissance, sculptors once again began crafting classical works. Donatello and Michelangelo crafted classical sculptures in this period, and it was during this time that Michelangelo crafted David, one of history's most renowned works of art.

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