In most cultures throughout the world, those who have lost loved ones seek out ways to honor them and their memory, and many use sculpture to achieve this goal. Other people purchase expensive headstones, lay flowers on graves, and make an effort to keep headstones clean and free of debris. Placing figurative or memorial sculptures around gravesites, however, is a common and very tasteful way to honor a loved one that has passed on. Popular subjects for figurative sculptures that are used to pay tribute to lost relatives or friends are angels and religious figures like Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Another option is to have the deceased memorialized through sculpture. Those who visit the burial site can take comfort in admiring the lifelike figurative sculpture that depicts the dearly departed, and in knowing they will never be forgotten.

We can craft figurative or memorial sculptures that will honor all of the precious people in your life that you have lost. We can produce an exquisitely-crafted memorial sculpture from a picture or a drawing, or you can choose a figurative sculpture of an angel or other religious figure that will watch over your loved one. Help keep those you've lost in your heart and your memory with a breathtaking memorial sculpture by Stromberg.