Housing some of the planet's most captivating and beautiful creatures, the world's mysterious oceans and all of the creatures they contain are wonderful sources of inspiration for many sculptors. Playful dolphins, fierce sharks, majestic whales, and even extremely simple creatures like coral are all fitting subjects for marine-themed sculptures. Marine sculptures can be crafted out of a variety of materials, including stone and fiberglass. While many are a solid color, others incorporate different hues to give the marine sculpture a more realistic and eye-catching appearance. Like the creatures of the deep, marine sculptures are breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous.

Stromberg has developed marine sculptures for several clients, including The Atlantis Resort. Here you'll find the world's largest GFRP sculpture depicting two marlins, as well as several 20-foot seahorse sculptures. We can craft massive freestanding whale sculptures, or help you incorporate marine sculptures into the design of your outdoor or lobby fountain. Celebrate the world's aquatic plant and animal life and delight your guests at the same time with marine sculptures by Stromberg.