Events and people that have had major impacts on the country's history are written about in books, they are the subjects of countless documentaries and movies, and they are also often immortalized through sculpture. Some of the most impressive and massive sculptures in the world are considered monumental sculptures. These works honor important historical figures, pay tribute to soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and help ensure people will never forget the events that changed the course of history. Washington, D.C. contains some of the most well-known examples of monumental sculpture. Past presidents like Jefferson and Lincoln have sculptures devoted to their memory, the Emancipation Statue is a monumental sculpture celebrating the end of slavery in the United States, and the Vietnam War Memorial depicts soldiers in battle in an effort to pay tribute to their sacrifices. Many other areas of the world also use monumental sculpture as a way to preserve and reflect on the history of their land, and Stromberg is able to craft custom monumental sculptures or make seamless repairs to any you may want to restore and maintain.