Angel SculptureSculpture for Church and Religious Projects

Architectural sculptures have long been a way to honor and celebrate various faiths. In the Christian Church, sculptures of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, angels, and various saints are found in many sacred buildings. Also common are sculptures depicting important events from the Bible, such as Jesus' birth and crucifixion. It is not just the Christian faith, however, that makes extensive use of architectural sculptures. Sculptures of Buddha crafted entirely of solid gold are found in many temples, and ancient societies like the Egyptians carved countless sculptures depicting their various gods.

Stromberg has extensive experience working with religious organizations. We have crafted custom sculptures for several parishes, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Sisters of Christian Charity, and the Steve Smith church in Abilene, Texas. We can work with you to design an architectural sculpture that will inspire and uplift your entire congregation. Our fiberglass reinforced sculptures can be finished to look like marble, gold, or limestone, so purchasing an architectural sculpture for your church doesn't have to involve spending a huge amount of money. Stromberg also specializes in restoring architectural sculptures to their former beauty and glory. Whether you need a massive sculpture of Jesus for your altar or want to fix those chips and cracks in your sculpture of the Virgin Mary, trust Stromberg to deliver outstanding results.