Texas State CapitolArchitectural Sculpture for Government Projects

Throughout history, countries around the world have memorialized great leaders and historical events through sculpture. Washington, DC is famous not only for being the site of The White House, but also for the large number of breathtaking sculptures, monuments, and memorials found in the city. Some, like the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, are designed to honor notable past presidents. Sculpture is an integral part of this 7.5-acre tribute - there are several bronze sculptures of the president and the first lady. Huge sculptures of Jefferson and Lincoln can also be found in our nation's capital. Other architectural sculptures in the city are devoted to the brave men and women who sacrificed everything to serve our country in war time. The Korean War Veteran's Memorial features 19 sculptures depicting our country's finest men. The Emancipation Statue is a moving sculpture that celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. These types of architectural sculptures are found in many other states, countries, and continents, not just Washington, DC.

Stromberg has experience working with government clients, and we can craft a sculpture you and your citizens will be proud of. We'll take the time to ensure every last detail is perfect, and our materials ensure the sculpture will remain in pristine condition for many years.