Hospitality SculptureArchitectural Sculpture for Hospitality and Resort Projects

If you want to welcome visitors and create a lasting impression, there are few architectural elements that can accomplish this quite as effectively as sculptures. No matter what type of architectural design is featured in your resort - Roman, Gothic, or Art Deco - Stromberg can craft museum quality custom sculptures that are sure to make your visitors take notice.

Architectural sculptures can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior of hotels, casinos, resorts, or theme parks. Placed outside, architectural sculptures can draw visitors in and convey the theme of your resort or restaurant. Fiberglass sculptures of dolphins, mermaids, and tropical fish can make a very positive and effective first impression when placed by gates, entryways, or pools, or in the waiting areas of your ocean-themed resort. You can also wow your guests as soon as they step through the door of your establishment. Architectural sculptures placed on pedestals will be the focal point of your hotel or casino lobby, and combining sculptures with other elements like fountains will create an effect that is simply breathtaking. Stromberg can develop custom sculptures based on your exact instructions, and our low maintenance, durable materials make our architectural sculptures a sound financial investment that will stand up to the test of time.