Sculpture Renovations and Repairs

History's greatest sculptors did not have access to materials like cast stone and GFRP when they completed their works. Instead, they used materials like marble and stone. Many of these sculptures were generously placed outside for the public to enjoy. Unfortunately, quite a few of these sculptures have also been damaged by the elements over the decades. Marble statues can be corroded by exposure to acid rain, and stone materials can crack or chip, which obviously detracts from their appeal. These sculptures are irreplaceable works of history and art, works that should be preserved as long as possible.

With our modern and innovative materials, Stromberg can make repairs and renovations to those breathtaking sculptures crafted so meticulously years ago. Using fiberglass or another of our innovative fiberglass reinforced sculpture materials, we can make repairs that are virtually undetectable. That's because we have the technology to match the look, texture, and color of most traditional sculpture materials. An added advantage of our repair process is that the area that has been restored will no longer be subject to corrosion, cracking, and chipping. Finally, since our fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced sculpture materials are lighter than materials traditionally used by sculptors, the repairs we make will not add any additional stress to the sculpture. Trust us to make repairs and renovations that will preserve the beauty and prolong the life of your architectural sculpture.