Stromberg has three decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing architectural products for our nation's best colleges, high schools, and elementary schools, and we look forward to serving you. As the world's largest manufacturer of its kind, we have the capacity, expertise, selection, and materials to meet your needs.


The following is just a small sample of our dozens of available products. Choose from a huge selection of stock designs, or let us work with you to develop a custom product.

  • Balustrade
  • Columns
  • Sculpture
  • Signage


Let us help you choose the best material for your next project.

  • GFRP (weather resistant, versatile, and durable)
  • GFRG (lightweight, malleable, and available in a paintable finish)
  • GFRS (the look of quarried stone without the added weight)
  • Marble and granite (classic and naturally gorgeous)

Select Projects, Clients, and Commissions

  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • San Jose University, San Jose, CA
  • Atascocita High School, Houston, TX
  • Darden School University, Charlottesville, VA

  • Educational Balustrade

    Balustrade can vastly enhance the appeal of an educational institution''s interior or exterior design.

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  • Educational Benches

    Benches are simple architectural features that serve numerous purposes in educational settings.

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  • Educational Cornice

    Incorporated into the design of many educational institutions, cornice adds variety to a building's façade or interior.

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  • Educational Facility Columns

    Marking the entryway to prominent universities and community colleges, columns are an integral part of the design of many schools.

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  • Educational Facility Sculpture

    Sculpture is an architectural element that can enhance the interior or grounds of any college, high school, or elementary school.

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  • Educational Facility Signage

    Although easily overlooked, signage couldn't be more important in educational settings.

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Educational overview

From the nation's finest Ivy League universities to neighborhood elementary schools, America's educational institutions are the pride of the land. Tasked with the huge responsibility of preparing children and young adults to meet the challenges of the future, schools are an integral and highly-respected part of modern society. While the importance of qualified instructors and up-to-date materials cannot be overstated, it's crucial not to overlook the architectural design of our country's places of learning. A superbly-designed school enhanced with various architectural elements can boost school spirit and serve as a source of pride for students. For colleges hoping to attract students, the architectural design of campus buildings and outdoor features like benches, planters, and fountains can have an impact on the prospective pupil's first impression of the school.

Here at Stromberg, we know what it takes to make buildings beautiful, and that expertise extends to colleges and universities, junior and senior high schools, and elementary and pre-schools. We can craft a variety of architectural elements commonly associated with educational institutions, including clock towers, benches, columns, and architectural entryways. Stromberg has worked with dozens of schools and universities over the past two and a half decades, and our products can be seen on Georgia College, Las Vegas High School, and San Jose University, among many others. With an impressive range of stock designs and the ability to fill custom orders, our company's selection is second to none.

Using fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced materials like GFRG and GFRC allows us to create products in sizes and shapes that would otherwise be impossible. Fiberglass and other advanced composites also permit a consistency and intricacy in detail and texture that aren't achievable with more traditional materials. For clients who aren't interested in our fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced products, we can produce various architectural elements using glass, marble, copper, granite, or carved stone.