Whether it's a reproduction of an iconic work or a one-of-a-kind marine piece for your ocean-themed resort or park, a sculpture is an architectural element that can make any casino, resort, hotel, or theme park even more magnificent. Great care must be taken when deciding how to display any sculpture-niches are designed especially for this purpose. There are several advantages to displaying sculptures in niches. Because they can keep sculptures out of reach of guests, they are an effective way to preserve and protect sculptures. Displaying sculptures in niches can also prevent these exquisite works from taking up excessive space and interfering with the flow and functionality of a room. Most importantly, properly crafted and installed niches will showcase and accentuate sculptures, ensuring they are visible to all hotel and casino guests and presented in the best possible manner.

Just a few of Stromberg's niches can be seen at the posh Cape Cod Resort in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and the Grammercy Park Hotel in New York City. We are the world's largest manufacturer of niches, offering the best selection in the industry, so you're almost certain to find a design that interests you. We carry understated, rectangular niches to display already elaborate and ornate sculptures, and we have highly decorative niches. Stromberg also has a sophisticated custom design process if you have something totally bold and original in mind.

Our niches can be crafted with materials suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and the versatility of fiberglass and other advanced composites allows us to consistently achieve the exact texture and appearance desired by our clients. For more information about our niches or our other architectural products, contact us.