A cozy living room fireplace offers an ideal gathering place for friends and family and a comfy spot to relax and enjoy a good book. Fireplaces were once the main source of heat in homes. Today, many people still love to warm up by a crackling fire during cold winter nights. Modern fireplaces serve other purposes as well-fireplace mantles offer a place to display heirlooms and treasured photographs, and fireplace surrounds can accentuate almost any interior design.

Homeowners who want to add this classic architectural element to their living room, bedroom, or dining room can depend on the artists and craftsmen at Stromberg Architectural to develop expertly-crafted fireplace mantels and fireplace surrounds. Whether it's a simple GFRC fireplace surround or an elaborate and highly ornate granite fireplace, we have the materials and expertise to complete the job to our client's satisfaction.

All of our architectural fireplace materials are non-combustible, so clients can feel confident their families and their homes will be protected. Our lightweight fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced fireplaces can easily be transported and installed, allowing us to complete projects quickly. If one has an older fireplace surround that they don't want to replace, we can make seamless repairs using our modern and adaptable materials. To request a free initial consultation or get more information about our architectural fireplaces, contact us.