As monuments and accents to the facilities that house each city's immediate security and defense, our columns, pilasters, caps and bases are exceptional architectural elements. Our fiber-reinforced materials used are lightweight, weather-resistant and can be molded into a variety of textures and shapes. They are available in many finishes, from relic white to deep bronze. And our expertise also includes working in traditional materials such as stone, metals and concrete. Whatever the material it is constructed of, our work, rest assured, will hold strong as the civil servants it is constructed for.

Our artisans and designers have extensive knowledge of the five major classical orders of column: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite. We craft and design these columns in accordance with appropriate standards of appearance and composition. For the construction of the Newport News, Virginia Police Headquarters, we crafted Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete columns, pilasters, caps and bases, as well as cornice, panels and steel framework. In addition, our artists will work with clients to create custom designs of any of our offered products.

The exquisite design of an architectural edifice will impress upon viewers the importance of what the structure stands for and houses. Stromberg offers an array of interior and exterior architectural accents such as cornice, medallions and brackets. Our products ideally are built in our fiber-reinforced materials, though we also can construct these elements in more traditional materials. Our fiber-reinforced materials can be cast in molds of nearly any shape and size, and can be finished in a variety of colors and textures, or even be made to replicate other materials. For construction of the Hayward Fire Station of Hayward, California, we crafted Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum cornice and medallions, as well as sills. For the Rowlette, Texas Fire Station, we created ornate brackets.

Stromberg understands that for fire and police stations, it is crucial that signage be prominent. Signage helps civilians locate your facilities and provides valuable information about branches and services. Good signage will attract attention immediately and directly, but will also not detract from the appeal of a building. Signage also helps people navigate around property grounds and building interiors. The converse is also true: Inadequate or ill-designed signage will often confuse or misdirect a civilian.

Stromberg has worked with universities, prestigious communities, and renowned hospitality locations to develop appropriate and attractive signs. We craft our products in a variety of materials, and our expertise extends into the incorporation of elements like bas-relief, to make our signage even more alluring.

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