Homeowners who have worked diligently to develop an unforgettable interior design may be frustrated when they look at the exterior of their home. If a building's façade consists almost entirely of one color and a single texture, the overall look can end up being quite monotonous. A simple way to improve the curb appeal of any home is to introduce some variety to its exterior by adding accent pieces like window surrounds.

Architectural window surrounds can be manufactured for windows of almost any shape or size. Window surrounds by Stromberg can be small and subtle or large and dramatic. GFRP window surrounds can be finished with any color, so one can choose from classic white for a red brick home or daring black for a yellow concrete abode. GFRC window surrounds can be painted-just ask about our special finish-so they're an ideal choice for those who might change the color of their home's exterior in the future. Our durable materials will retain their original splendor for many years, even when exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures, and acid rain. One can feel confident window surrounds will add to a home's appeal rather than detract from it.

Stromberg Architectural also carries entryways, door surrounds, and balustrade to help homeowners develop an exterior design for their home that is unified and complete. For more information about our window surrounds and other products, contact us.