Stromberg Bollards SBS-012

  SBS-012 Bollards CAD file

  SBS-012 Bollards datasheet

  SBS-012 Bollards RFA file

Those who say simpler is always better obviously haven't seen this extraordinary bollard! With so many gorgeous embellishments, it's hard to pin down the focal point of this element. The triple bands around the bottom undoubtedly add variety, while the vertical detailing along the shaft gives this portion an appearance that resembles a fluted column. Perhaps the most unique section of this bollard, however, is the top. Consisting of two joined curved disks, a simple horizontal band, and a flawless half sphere, the end point of this element is anything but understated or subtle. An exciting space can be made duller by boring bollards, but adding this one is a simple way to make even the plainest areas more remarkable.