About Stromberg GFRG, LEED and the Environment

At Stromberg we are committed to helping you build green, sustainable projects. The main ingredients of Stromberg GRG are based on the plentiful and naturally occurring minerals used in the manufacture of gypsum cement, aggregates, water and glass fibers. These natural materials are not normally regarded as pollutants. Stromberg GRG itself is considered a stable mineral based material, non toxic and inert. In addition, during the manufacturing process:

  • Foam used in the manufacture of the GRG molds is recycled and reused.
  • Waste gypsum from the manufacturing process is recycled as a soil amendment.
  • Water from the process is recycled.

The light weight of Stromberg GRG provides several environmental benefits. The lighter weight reduces trucking and eliminates the need for heavy structural steel supports. Stromberg GRG has a much lower environmental impact by a factor of 70%, when compared to traditional plastering.Products alone do not provide LEED points, but the following information may help you determine how Stromberg GRG can contribute toward the performance of the building.

MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2 Recycled Content (1-2 Points):

Stromberg GRG Castings and Shapes contain the following recycled content. Percentages are averages by weight and vary by product shape and glass content.

  • Total Recycled Content: 60%
  • Post-Consumer content: 5%
  • Pre-Consumer Content: 55%

EQ Credit 3.1 and 3.2 Construction IAQ Management Plan (1-2 Points):

Stromberg GRG Castings and Shapes do not contain paper. Paper when combined with moisture can support mold growth. Stromberg GRG Castings and Shapes are manufactured with reinforcing glass fiber embedded into a gypsum core and a paperless gypsum surface.

ID Credit 1 -1.4: Innovation in Design (1-4 Points):

Stromberg GRG Castings and Shapes may qualify for LEED Innovation in Design Credit as they do not appreciably contribute to mold growth related to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Note: LEED Credit section references are suggestions for applications of Stromberg GRG Castings and Shapes to the LEED Green Building Rating Systems. Products alone do not provide LEED points and the determinations of proper product attributes to achieve LEED Certification of a building project are the responsibility of the LEED Applicant.